Journée mondiale des animaux

World Animal Day

Dear animal lover,

On October 4, 2023, we celebrate World Animal Day, a special occasion to pay tribute to our four-legged friends who bring so much happiness to our lives. And did you know that the presence of animals can also have many benefits for our babies?

At La Case à Bébé, we understand the importance of establishing a strong bond between children and animals from a very young age. That's why we have carefully selected a range of products that promote positive interaction between babies and animals.

• Soft toys and comforters: Toddlers often need a soft and cuddly companion to feel safe. Our adorable animal stuffed animals are perfect for providing babies with comfort and a reassuring presence.

baby comforter

• Sensory books: Awaken your baby's senses with our interactive books featuring animals. Your child will be able to touch the soft textures, smell the natural scents and hear fun sounds while discovering the animal world.

baby book in english

• Clothing and accessories: Our adorable sets and accessories for babies feature cute and colorful animal designs. Not only will your baby be comfortably dressed, but he will also show his love for animals!

plaid and onesie pajamas for baby

• Developmental toys: Our stimulating toys are designed to encourage your baby's cognitive and motor development. What could be better than introducing them to animals while having fun? Your child will thus develop his imagination and curiosity.

toy in the shape of animals Sophie the giraffe

Let's celebrate this World Animal Day together by giving your baby a magical experience with our products specially designed to encourage love and respect for animals from an early age.

To discover our complete selection, go to our La Case à Bébé online store.

Thank you for supporting our mission to foster a strong and caring bond between babies and animals. This World Animal Day, let’s shine a smile on your little ones’ faces! With all our affection.

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