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Spiral stick with rain sound

Spiral stick with rain sound

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Discover our incredible spiral stick with rain sound! This interactive plastic toy is designed to stimulate your baby's emotional, visual, intellectual, sensory and grasping development. It also promotes hearing, parent-child communication and the cultivation of interest.

The bright colors of this stick stimulate your baby's visual development, arousing their curiosity and fascination. While playing with this stick, your baby will be captivated by the gentle sound of rain that occurs when the stick is shaken. This will not only stimulate his love for music, but also his budding musical talent.

This toy also provides a valuable opportunity to bond with your baby. Parents can have fun and play with their baby, strengthening emotional bonds while having fun. It’s a rewarding experience for both parties!

In addition to the fun aspect, this spiral stick helps develop your baby's hand-eye coordination and physical flexibility. It encourages him to grasp and manipulate the toy, which promotes the development of his motor skills.

Don't miss the opportunity to give your baby a toy that stimulates his senses and overall development. Add our spiral stick with rain sound to your basket now and offer your baby a unique sensory and musical experience!

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