Rentrée scolaire, crèche ou nounou : comment gérer la séparation

Back to school, nursery or nanny: how to manage separation

Back to school, nursery or nanny: how to manage separation

Back to school is a crucial time for parents and their children. Whether it's the first time at daycare, preschool or with a nanny, separation can be difficult to manage. Here are some tips to help you navigate this important stage in your child's life.

1. Prepare your child in advance

Before school starts, talk to your child about what to expect. Explain where he will go, who will look after him and what he will do during the day. Show him photos or visit the place if possible. The more familiar your child is with their new environment, the safer they will feel.

2. Create a routine

Establishing a daily routine will help your child feel safe and know what to expect. Set regular times for meals, activities, and bedtime. A well-established routine will allow your child to feel confident and reassured.

3. Stay positive and reassuring

It is normal for your child to feel anxious or sad during the separation. Stay calm, positive and reassuring. Explain to him that you will come back to pick him up later and that you will think of him during the day. Show him that you trust his educational team or his nanny.

4. Establish a relationship of trust with the educational team or nanny

Meet the nursery staff or speak with the nanny to discuss your expectations and concerns. Establish a trusting relationship so you can feel comfortable leaving your child in their hands. Please feel free to ask questions and request updates about your child's day.

5. Be patient

Separation can take some getting used to for some children. Be patient and give your child time to adjust to their new routine and environment. Offer him constant support and encourage him to express his emotions.

With these tips, you will be able to better manage the separation when your child goes back to school, whether at daycare, nursery school or with a nanny. Remember that every child is different and it is important to adapt these tips to their personality and needs.


While teaching children to adapt to a new routine greatly improves their chances of success in the classroom, we also need to give them the tools to succeed. A favorite blanket, stuffed animal or transitional object can make all the difference in making the transition from home to school go smoothly.

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