9 septembre - Journée Mondiale de la peluche et de l'ours en peluche

September 9 - World Plush Toy and Teddy Bear Day

You've probably heard the expression "Teddy Bear" before, but do you know its origins? It is said that in 1902, then-US President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub because it was tied to a tree. After being called "Teddy" due to his appearance and friendly nature, the name spread and so did the teddy bear.

Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Bear Day is a global event held every year that encourages people to gift these very cute animals to their family members, friends and loved ones. It's an opportunity to rediscover the magic of receiving a new teddy bear.

The soft toy or comforter plays a crucial role in this process of detachment and separation for your child. It becomes a transitional object, that is to say it represents the comforting presence of the mother when she is not physically present.

The comforter reassures the child by giving him a feeling of security and familiarity. It allows him to feel confident and console himself when faced with new or stressful situations. The comforter is often used by children when they sleep, as its presence helps them fall asleep more easily and feel secure during the night.

Having a cuddly toy also allows the child to develop his autonomy and his ability to comfort himself. By relying on his cuddly toy, he learns to manage his emotions and cope with moments of separation, such as the first day of nursery or the night away from his parents.

The cuddly toy is also an object full of emotions and memories. He becomes a faithful companion for the child, with whom he shares moments of play, comfort and adventure. He can become a confidant, a confidant who does not judge, who is always present and who listens.

It is important to note that each child develops a particular attachment to their cuddly toy, which can be different from one child to another. Some may become attached to a specific stuffed animal, while others may develop an attachment to a particular piece of fabric or object. The main thing is to respect and encourage this attachment, because it plays an important role in the emotional development of the child.

In summary, the comforter is important for your child because it provides comfort, security and helps in the process of detachment and separation. He is a faithful companion who helps him develop his autonomy and manage his emotions. Respect and encourage your child's attachment to their cuddly toy, as it plays a valuable role in their emotional development.

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