La méthode Montessori dès la naissance

The Montessori method from birth

The Montessori method from birth

The Montessori method is an educational approach developed by Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century. It emphasizes autonomy, independence and respect for the pace of development of each child. This method can be applied from birth, thus promoting the harmonious and fulfilled development of the child.

Principles of the Montessori method

  • The prepared environment: The child evolves in an environment specially adapted to his needs and his size. Objects are within his reach so that he can explore and manipulate them freely.
  • Autonomy: The child is encouraged to do things on his own, whether it is to dress himself, feed himself, or even get around. He learns to develop his self-confidence and his sense of responsibility.
  • Respecting the child's rhythm: Each child is unique and develops at his own pace. The Montessori method respects this individuality and allows the child to learn at his own pace.
  • Montessori materials: Specific games and activities are used to stimulate the senses, fine motor skills and learning in children. These materials promote concentration, creativity and exploration.

The advantages of the Montessori method from birth

Applying the Montessori method from birth has many advantages for the child's development:

  1. Development of autonomy: By encouraging children to do things on their own, the Montessori method promotes the development of their autonomy and self-confidence.
  2. Stimulation of the senses: The sensory activities offered by the Montessori method allow the child to develop their senses in a fun and progressive way.
  3. Encouragement of exploration: The prepared environment and Montessori materials encourage the child to explore and discover the world around them.
  4. Development of concentration: Montessori activities are designed to promote the child's concentration and attention, which will benefit them throughout their life.

By applying the Montessori method from birth, parents can offer their child a framework conducive to their overall development. However, it is important to train and obtain information to correctly apply this method and respect the fundamental principles of Maria Montessori.

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