La Fête des Grands-Mères

Grandmothers Day

Grandmothers Day

Grandmother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor our grandmothers. It is a day dedicated to recognizing the love, support and sacrifices they have made for our family.

This holiday is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of March in France. It's a tradition that began in 1987 thanks to the coffee brand 'Café Grand'Mère'. Since then, this day has become an important occasion to show our gratitude to our grandmothers.

The importance of Grandmother's Day

Grandmother's Day is much more than just a day of celebration. It’s an opportunity to remind our grandmothers how much they are appreciated and loved. It is also a time to strengthen family ties and pass on values ​​and traditions from generation to generation.

Our grandmothers play an essential role in our lives. They raised us, gave us valuable advice and were always there to support us. Grandmother's Day is a way to pay tribute to them and show them how much we love them.

How to celebrate Grandmother's Day

There are many ways to celebrate Grandmother's Day and show our love and appreciation. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a special family lunch or dinner to honor your grandmother.
  • Give her a personalized gift like a handmade card or a photo album filled with precious memories.
  • Spend quality time with your grandmother by visiting her or organizing an activity she enjoys.
  • Send him or her a letter or card with heartfelt words to express your love and gratitude.

However you choose to celebrate, the important thing is to show your grandmother how much she means to you.


Grandmother's Day is a special day to honor our grandmothers and show them our love and gratitude. It is an opportunity to strengthen family ties and continue traditions. Take the time to celebrate this day with your grandmother and show her how important she is to you.


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