Journée mondiale du "Merci". L'apprentissage de la politesse chez l'enfant

World “Thank You” Day. Learning politeness in children

World “Thank You” Day

The importance of learning politeness

Learning politeness is essential for children because it allows them to understand the basic rules of society and develop harmonious relationships with others. By teaching politeness from a young age, we help them become respectful, caring and caring individuals.

When children learn to say "thank you," they also learn to recognize the positive actions of others and express gratitude. This strengthens social bonds and promotes a positive and respectful environment.

How to teach children politeness

There are many ways to teach children politeness. Here are a few tips :

  • Set an example: Children often imitate adults' behavior, so be polite and express your gratitude in front of them regularly.
  • Encourage and reward: Praise children when they use polite words and express gratitude.
  • Explain the reasons: Explain to children why it is important to be polite and say “thank you.”
  • Practice role play: Hold role plays where children can practice social situations and express gratitude.

By teaching children politeness, we give them the tools they need to succeed in life and develop positive relationships with others. Let's celebrate World Thank You Day by encouraging children to express gratitude and showing them the importance of being polite in all situations.

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