Épiphanie : cuisiner une galette des rois avec votre enfant

Epiphany: cooking a king cake with your child

Epiphany: cooking a king cake with your child

Epiphany is a traditional holiday celebrated every year on January 6 in France. This day marks the end of Christmas festivities and commemorates the visit of the Three Wise Men to Jesus. To celebrate this special occasion, it is customary to enjoy a delicious galette des rois with the family.

What's better than cooking this famous pancake with your child? It's a great opportunity to spend time together and pass down family culinary traditions.

The recipe for the galette des rois

  1. Ingredients :
    • 2 puff pastries
    • 125 g of almond powder
    • 100 g of sugar
    • 2 eggs
    • 100 g soft butter
    • 1 bean
  2. Preparation :
    • Preheat the oven to 200°C.
    • Mix the almond powder, sugar, eggs and soft butter in a salad bowl.
    • Spread puff pastry in a tart pan.
    • Pour the mixture onto the dough.
    • Add the bean.
    • Cover with the second puff pastry and seal the edges well.
    • Bake for about 25 minutes.
    • Let cool before eating.

Don't forget to crown your child who will find the bean in the cake! Traditionally, he becomes the king or queen of the day.

Tableware kit so that your child can enjoy their cake

The benefits of cooking with your child

There are many benefits to cooking with your child. First of all, it strengthens family bonds and creates precious memories. Your child will also learn valuable skills, such as measuring ingredients, mixing textures, and following kitchen safety guidelines.

Additionally, cooking together encourages a healthy, balanced diet. Your child will be more inclined to try new foods if he has participated in their preparation.

Finally, cooking as a family is a fun activity that stimulates your child's creativity and imagination. He can decorate the cake with original designs and invent new flavors by adding ingredients of his choice.

In conclusion, Epiphany is the ideal opportunity to cook a galette des rois with your child. This culinary tradition will strengthen family bonds, pass on valuable skills and create lasting memories. So, put on your apron and share a moment of complicity by preparing this delicious pancake together.

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